The space

Restaurant Frontzu Politia - The space The restaurant is in a dominant location within the complex and has the ability to host 120 people in the main hall. There are another 3 dining halls with a capacity of 30, 100 and 250 people. It is renowned for its genuine traditional cuisine of Ioannina, and the alternative Mediterranean diet suggestions by the chef. Everything is created from excellent raw materials, fresh products from selected local producers as well as from renowned suppliers and producers.
The carved wooden ceilings, the hand-carved Zagori fireplaces, and the well in the courtyard, which were transferred unchanged from old houses in mastorochoria (hometown of K. Frontzos) and Konitsa, compose a picture of the great past of our region.

The location

Restaurant Frontzu Politia - The location The restaurant “Frontzou Politia” is located just a kilometer from the center of Ioannina. The excellent location gives you the opportunity to admire the magnificent view of the city and Pamvotis lake, as you enjoy the restaurant’s dishes with their Mediterranean flavours.

Our philosophy

Restaurant Frontzu Politia - Our philosophy The gastronomic philosophy of our complex is based on the use of fresh and seasonal products and local delicacies. Traditional recipes with raw materials from renowned suppliers, combined with modern techniques and various flavours, offer another dimension to the culinary result.

Our restaurant menu is updated frequently and it is posted on the website.


Εστιατόριο Φρόντζου Πολιτεία - Φιλοσοφία


Vasilis Papagiannis


Dimitris Krikonis
Lampros Mpirmpilis
Giannis Athanasakis
Iraklis Nanos
Georgios Laosoglou
Spiros Euaggelogiorgos

Kitchen assistants

Georgia Vlachou
Mata Kaprantziou
Anastasia Stathi
Eleni Tomara
Dora Palascha
Maria Paschaloglou
Eudoxia Ntimareli
Afroditi Kirou
Aggeliki Mparka
Ioanna Veliou
Vasiliki Mpagia


Fanis Mpozios


Vaggelis Vathis
Giannis Dimitriou
Giorgos Tzanidis
Panagiotis Fotou

Waiters’ assistants

Dimitris Orfanos
Aristotelis Raptis
Nikos Pappas
Andromachi Nasi

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Τel: (+30) 26510 21011, 25495
Fax: (+30) 26510 21012
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Hours of operation: Daily from 1:00pm to 1:00am