Our culinary philosophy is based on the use of fresh, seasonal products and local delicacies.
Traditional recipes, with selected raw materials, modern techniques and combinations of flavours, offer another dimension to the gastronomic results.

The Chef

Restaurant Frontzu Politia - Chef Vassilis Papayannis comes from Tzoumerka where he grew up and got images, flavours and aromas from the countryside of Epirus which determined his culinary philosophy.
The smells coming out of his mother’s kitchen were the first thing that intrigued him about cooking.
He graduated from LE MONDE and has attended dozens of culinary art and management seminars, including:
• Food styling (LE MONDE)
• Secrets of mushrooms (LE MONDE)
• Buffet decoration (Chef’s Club of Crete)
• Wine in gastronomy (chef academy)
• The five senses of gastronomy (chef academy)
• Management coaching & business continuity (Tuv Hellas)
• Business communication & client service (Tuv Hellas)
• Certificate in Hygiene and food safety (EFET)
• Food hygiene (GSVEE)
The basic philosophy of cooking Chef Vasilis Papagiannis, is based on traditional local cuisine with creative touches and interventions that characterize the dishes. The combination of traditional Epirotic recipes, the Mediterranean diet and pure local products and herbs, revising the final product, creating original and imaginative dishes, highlighting the quality and taste as well as the aesthetic result.
Traditional dishes made of modern methods, pleasantly surprise with their image while waking delicious memories of the past, capable of an imaginary travel to a taste and fantasy game. Finally, he managed to redefine successfully the food culture of Epirus, incorporating in his creative cuisine elements of the cuisine of Constantinople and the Mediterranean diet. The constant search for combinations of flavours and the emphasis on seasonal products has as a result the frequent renewal of the menu (every three months).
His favorite ingredient is the enormous wealth of aromatic herbs that enhance and complete the gastronomic result.

Recipe of the month

Grilled Mastelo with dried fruits in syrup from petimezi.


  • 400-450gr Mastelo cheese from Chios
  • 200g Dried Fruits (plums, apricots, cranberries, pineapple, apple, strawberry)
  • 1 tbsp Vinegar
  • 1 tbsp Lemon
  • 60ml MARSALA Wine
  • Petimezi 100ml
  • 40g Granulated Sugar
Pour the sugar in a pan and wait until it melts and gets a dark color. Add the wine, petimezi, vinegar and lemon.
Bring to a boil and add the fruit.
Cut mastelo into round slices. Grill or bake in scharotigano (type of pan) and serve with warm sauce of petimezi.


Εστιατόριο Φρόντζου Πολιτεία - Κελάρι The restaurant’s kitchen is complemented by the rich cellar with all the local wine varieties and especially the famous Zitsa as well as selected varieties from all over Greece. The excellent local grape varieties such as bekari, vlachiko and debina, produce great wines.

Red wine ideally accompanies cooked red meats, wild game and smoked cheese, while white wine accompanies pies, white meat, smoked trout, crayfish and yellow cheese.






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